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In October, 2011 the intellectual property rights for the flagship LEDAS products has been acquired by Menhirs NV, the parent company of Bricsys NV. In the framework of this deal, LEDAS became an authorized reseller of its former products and in coordination with Bricsys is ready to provide various services on maintenance, integration as well as related software development. At the same time, the sold IP can be considered as an additional proof of the LEDAS team competence, experience, and ability to provide high level and unique software development service in the domain of science-intensive software engineering.

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Flash-LGS now!

LEDAS presents Flash-LGS - an online technology demonstrator of LGS computational engine for parametric design systems. The on-line demonstrator has simple intuitive user interface and provides interactive access to the LGS 2D solver functionality, which is widely used in the development of two-dimensional drafting and sketching applications, vector graphics systems and geometric data exchange tools.

Flash-LGS is aimed to show flexibility and affordability of the LGS parametric computational engine in broad terms: from simplicity of incorporating the solver into your applications and efficiency of running them on diverse hardware to LEDAS openness for collaboration with a wide range of graphics software developers, product vendors, research and educational organizations.

Traditionally parametric graphics design has been the area of heavy CAD applications. We think about much wider opportunities, including virtually any 2D graphics applications: light and custom in-house CAD/CAM solutions, technical illustration tools, web-design, interactive presentation and animation applications.

The whole system is organized as a client-server solution so all computations are performed on LEDAS server side, while the on-line demonstrator interface is based on the Macromedia Flash engine. Therefore it can work on any platform, which provides a suitable Internet-browser: desktop or notebook PC running any OS, pocket computer. User client performs as a simple 2D editor. It allows to draw and amend basic geometry shapes, apply to them a wide range of constrains and therefore create parametric sketches, amend them and promptly recalculate geometry according to the settled parameters. The list of allowed constrains provides over a dozen possible conditions, including nodes coincidence, circles concentricity, parallel and perpendicular lines, angles fixation and many more. Once created, a sketch can be stored on the server and loaded back at any time.

Flash-LGS shows that application developers do not need to be experts in graphics or math in order to develop parametric graphics software. Flash-LGS proves that LGS is technologically affordable: it requires only the knowledge of web programming and the Flash technology.

If you become interested in this technology - the next step would be to deepen your understanding of the LGS solution by going to ledas.com/products/lgs2d/, which gives you an opportunity to learn about LGS API, access code samples, and create your own applications. You will see that parametric graphics design has never been so easy to get in! Our team is ready to help you - just contact us if you have any questions.

We endeavour to further improve Flash-LGS making it most helpful to you in understanding the LGS capabilities. Therefore we are open to your questions and suggestions.

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