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The kernel staff of our extendable R&D team includes about 30 qualified specialists and managers and provides services in software development, consulting, and localization. We work primarily in the domain of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM and more generally — in the projects that require a combination of high competence and skills in software architecture, methods of computational and discrete math as well as in programming. Based on the extensive experience of major projects for very demanding customers, we employ a highly regular methodology and technology organization and management of software projects.

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Our unique combination of competences in mathematics and software engineering enables LEDAS team to effectively fulfill hard projects in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM and other domains. We create software that combines transparent architecture, scalability, reliability, high performance, flexible enough to meet changing requirements of its forthcoming life-cycle and a non-trivial maintenance not only by developers themselves, qualitatively documented, and so on.

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During 12 years of its work in the global market, LEDAS has fulfilled and is currently fulfilling software development projects for well-known companies. Today, we are able to mention such LEDAS customers as Dassault Systemes, Cimatron, JetCAM, ASCON, Information Satellite Systems, and some others (see descriptions and references). Those projects, as a rule, are related to the key components of the customers’ software, they require very high competence and skills, and always have been excellently accepted and appreciated by the customers. By now, the total volume of such projects exceeds hundreds of men-years.

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Until recently, LEDAS has been globally known as a vendor of advanced CAD/CAM/CAE technologic components and products. They included LGS 2D and LGS 3D geometric solvers (successful competitors of DCM from Siemens PLM), LEDAS Variational Direct Modeling technology (integrated into several customer product environments), and end-user products of the LEDAS Driving Dimensions series (for Rhino and SketchUp). These components have been licensed to dozens customers all over the world. In October 2011, the IP for this part of the LEDAS business was acquired by Bricsys, the Belgian company which previously had been a long-term LEDAS customer.

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Founded in 1999, LEDAS is a global provider of software development services in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM, and other science-intensive areas. The company’s competence and skills in software engineering and math have been approved not only by multiple prestigious and hard contracts with world-known vendors but also by development of proprietary unique technological components and products such as LEDAS Geometric Solvers (LGS), variational direct modeling (VDM), and other. LEDAS enjoys its advantageous location in a world famous research, technological, and university center Akademgorodok at Novosibirsk which provides excellent opportunities for inexhaustible involvement of talented human resources.

   isicad: analytics, news and events in CAD/PLM

Since 2004, LEDAS has been publishing the leading Russian CAD/PLM web portal isicad.ru (and its English mini-version isicad.net) which presents analytical articles, reviews, news, interviews, advertizing from most leading vendors, and other. During 2004-2010, LEDAS held four international multi-vendor forums isicad, the latter of which – in cooperation with the world-famous Congress COFES (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010). In addition, LEDAS supports and edits a unique electronic encyclopedia PLMpedia, participates in the publication of books in engineering software, conducts teaching courses in Novosibirsk University, provides consulting, and other

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